Our Investment Strategy

Hedef Holding attaches great importance to ensuring that the sectors in which it invests are future-oriented, productive, environmentally friendly and sustainable.

For the identification and development of new investments, Hedef Holding; 

  • sets priorities that must be achieved, 
  • examines the dynamics of the relevant sector and the status and position of the company to be invested within the sector, 
  • studies the ethical values of the company and its partners, 
  • determines the most appropriate method of affiliation to increase the value of the target company,
  • makes the necessary examinations and researches before the investment,
  • and finally, finalizes its investment by determining the investment budget. 

Hedef Holding pays attention to ensure that the sectors to be invested in are innovative, future-oriented, environmentally friendly and sustainable, and prefers companies with start-up qualities with high growth potential in its investment decisions.

Hedef Holding invests in emerging companies as well as developed companies.

In addition, the incorporation processes of existing projects are also included in the scope of the Holding’s investment activities.

The integration of new investments with existing investments, thus creating synergy is one of the main objectives of Hedef Holding.