Hedef Portföy A.Ş.

In addition to the financing it provides, Hedef Girişim helps the venture capital firms it invests in grow and increase their competitiveness with the comprehensive support it offers.

Hedef Portföy started its operations in 2012 by managing the individual and institutional funds of its affiliated group and business partners. Initially serving only its affiliated group and business partners, the company established its first investment fund in 2017 in order to respond to the needs of its investors from a broader perspective. 

In line with its strategic goals, the company continued its efforts to provide qualified asset management services in line with the risk preferences of individual and institutional investors in order for them to achieve their return targets with increasing momentum.

Hedef Portföy has been the center of attention of institutional and individual investors with strong growth performance in the funds it has established. Having established 13 funds, Hedef Portföy currently manages a portfolio size of approximately TL 2.5 million and holds a prominent position in the asset management sector with more than TL 60 million in equity.

With an experienced and specialized staff, Hedef Portföy continues to add value to its investors, regardless of market conditions, through funds that it manages with a sustainable structure based on research and fundamental analysis, audited and updated through regular committees.